Product Testers Needed

Are you looking for a fruitful hobby that will earn you some rewards and provide you with some enjoyment for the extra time on your hands? Are you sick of the same old hobbies like scrap-booking, cooking, and blogging? As long as you have an internet connection and a mailbox, you can get into this hobby and reap all the awesome rewards.

Why not join a product testing panel or a few different product testing panels? These panels are always looking for new and diverse types of product testers and everybody brings a unique aspect to the table for these companies. Not only do you get free items to test and keep, but when you provide feedback, you can often earn money, gift cards, and other perks for being a member of these exclusive brand product panels. Paid product testing is the best kind!

What are your duties as a product tester? Its a simple process to become a product tester, it’s easy to sign up for one panel or multiple panels to start to getting invited to free product testing campaigns offered by different brands. Its also easy to provide them with simple feedback as per their request regarding the usefulness, performance, and quality of the product at hand. You will be compensated for the time you spent using the product and providing feedback either with cash, gift cards, or simply a free product or products.

What are the advantages of becoming a product tester? First of all, you get to choose exactly what you want to test and if you don’t want to test it, you can decline it with zero prejudice. You can simply choose to take part in a later study. You can do all of this in the comfort of your own home with no obligation, which is relaxing to know that its not a definite requirement to remain a part of the product testing panel you are included in. Its truly a hobby because you can either choose to do it when you have time or not take part when you do not have extra time.

What types of products do you get to test as a product tester? You can product test almost anything produced from manufacturers worldwide that will be focused towards a market in the UK. Therefore, UK product testers are required to see if the particular product will benefit consumers in the UK. Anything from clothing, beauty products, and household goods to tools, software, and games are provided for free for product testers to try out so companies can see if this product will provide benefit to UK residents.

Do you love beauty products or cooking? Product testing can, in fact, enrich your other hobby, because if your primary hobby is reviewing make-up or doing make-up tutorials or cooking and blogging about cooking, for instance, you can test these products exclusively if you so desire and work them into your other hobby in your spare time.
Is product testing super involved like a job or just a hobby?

When you set your heart on participating in product testing, you are not obligated to test every product you are invited to test. You can participate as little or as much as you want. There is no pressure or obligation to do a set amount of product testing, generally unless otherwise specified. You can opt to only participate in reviewing products that catch your fancy if you so choose.

Why not get paid to engage in a novel hobby reviewing products? It can be quite fun and teach you something you didn’t know about before, too! Elite brands and common brands alike all have one similar goal in mind.

They just want to gain knowledge about what consumers ideas are about new products being developed to be marketed in your locale. Before they release these products into the market, they need your opinions to make sure sales will be successful. It saves them time and money for the panel if your opinions show that they won’t do well so always be honest.

How do I sign up to be a product tester?

First, its necessary to sign up with a product testing company or multiple companies. Once you have been approved if an approval process is required, when the company has a job in mind for you, they will either send surveys by post or e-mail to screen you in or out of a project to see if you are an appropriate candidate for future product testing projects. Common screening decisions are based on age, income, gender, and the region where you are located.

Once you are approved to test the product concerned, the panel will send you the product to test by post for a specified amount of time. Subsequently, your feedback will be requested regarding the product for which you have been engaging in testing. When finished, you either get to keep the product or are compensated by cash or gift card. You are almost never asked to return the product.

Below are some great product testing panels for you to try:

These are a multitude of panels that issue free home trail test products. Sign up for as many or as little as you wish. Keep in mind that the vast majority of these panels are primarily survey panels so you will get paid surveys to fill out that follow with appropriate products to test.

SurveySpot Panel – SurveySpot compensates its panelists with cash by PayPal or gift cards. You are afforded the opportunity to test a wide variety of home appliances such as toasters, coffeemakers, and microwaves though this panel’s unique focus groups.

Toluna – Toluna generously pays its panelists for participating with loads to a pre-paid virtual Visa or various gift cards. Their focus groups, in particular, pay quite well and offer a myriad of opportunities and some of the products you get can be quite costly when bought on your own. Keep in mind, they are free just for your opinions and you get to keep them forever.

MySurvey – This panel offers an excellently diverse variety of opportunities to test items such as beauty products, food, and home goods. You can sign on to high compensation focus groups and even get items as large and costly as mobile phones to product test, for instance! MySurvey pays by cash by PayPal or Gift Cards.

Valued Opinions – Valued Opinions pays their panelists by gift cards. They offer mostly beauty products to be tested, but on occasion will also offer you to join highly paying focus groups. Its well worth the great products you receive and the gift cards with which you are compensated!

Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel – Though Nielsen doesn’t pay with gift cards or cash, you still get great products to test. This panel will send you a free handheld scanner and they simply request that you scan your household item purchases with your Nielsen scanner so Nielsen can see what you are buying alone and in conjunction with other products and you will subsequently get rewarded with free products by post!

Pinecone Research – Pay by Cash, PayPal, Gift Cards and More! Pinecone Research is a really lucrative panel with a convenient choice of pay-out options. They distribute 2-4 products monthly at the very least, but its a little harder to break into this panel. They are an invite-only panel so if you can get an invite, definitely take this on!

Become A Mystery Shopper  – BAMS is great!  This panel pays by a great variety of choices, which include PayPal cash and a wide variety of gift cards. They send you a myriad of different offers for beauty, home, and food products. They offer very high paying focus groups and generally pay quite well.

iPoll – iPoll compensates its panelists by PayPal cash payments or gift card payments. They most often send out hair styling products such as shampoo and conditioner to be tested. However, they are a relatively new panel.

Survey Savvy – Survey Savvy compensates exclusively by cash via check by post. They distribute payment in a relatively quick turnaround time of 4-6 weeks. This company mostly sends out products by post such as cosmetics, antiperspirants, shaving products, and fragrances.

Global Test Market – They distribute payment via check by mail. The pay is great with these guys and you get mostly get household items to test. Opinion Outpost – Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards – This company pay pretty well and have some good products to test, plus you ca cash out instantly whenever you want

BuzzBack Panel – Pay by PayPal or Gift Cards – BuzzBack mostly distributes beauty products and pays by cash via PayPal or by a selection of gift cards.They don’t frequently send out projects, but they send out good ones when they do.

PSG Product Testing Panel – Though it can be a little bit difficult to qualify for their product testing opportunities, its worth it to join the panel and stay on board in case they might invite you. You don’t get paid, but they do provide wonderful opportunities to test and keep their product testing items you probably use anyway.

BzzAgent – This panel used to pay with MyPoints rewards, but have since discontinued their relationship with the rewards company. They now simply provide you with free products, but there products are by far superior to all other panels you might work with. They provide very useful and targeted product specifically to you quite frequently. Its well worth it!

Product Network – Product Testing Panel – This panel simply compensates you with free products, but they are super useful items like toothpaste, over-the-counter medicines that require no prescription, and snacks and other foods.

Johnson & Johnson Friends & Neighbors – This panel offers payment via cash payment, which is distributed by check by post. Often products to be tested with this panel are geared towards babies and small children. Its a good brand for parents with little kids, but they do sometimes offer products that can be used for entire families like bandages and antiseptic products.