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HTC One M9 Review – Does it Live Up to its Potential?

HTC launched the M9 as the successor to the acclaimed M8 design

A Phone For Lovers of Android Smartphones

When it comes to the top four sellers of flagship standard smartphones HTC are fourth behind iPhones, Samsung, and LG. Unlike the others though HTC seem content to make phones for users that love Andriod phones and larger phones. If IOS seems too complicated, or smaller phones are simply too small for your larger hands then the M9 could be the answer to all your prayers.

HTC settled up on the World Mobile Congress as the ideal location to unleash the HTC One M9 in to the world. The company were hoping that it would be as well received if not better received as the M8 with stronger sales.

The previous M8 intertwined great design features with excellent performance yet with the downside of an inadequate camera. So people were curious if the M9 would be an improvement.

5 inch screen and design features

HTC have managed to house a 5 inch screen inside an all metal body, and it looks great, just how you would expect a flagship smartphone to look like. The colour schemes though are a bit different, perhaps a means of making the M9 to stand out from other brands. Whether or not that is standing out from the crowd in a good way or a bad way depends on how much people like rose gold and silver, gunmetal grey, and pink/gold too. The picture quality is high and great for watching games and films on it.

Better memory, power, and reception features

One area in which HTC learned from the M8 was having a micro-SD card slot. The M9 has one where the M8 did not, and furthermore that is up to 128 GB. The M9 is available with a memory of 32 GB plus 3 GB of RAM.

The battery is slightly more powerful and can last longer than in the case of the M8, at just over a whole of being used.

It has great BoomSound speakers for high quality sound, and better than other makes due to the addition of Dolby Audio.

Good Processor, shame about the camera

HTC made sure that the M9 gives you everything that a smartphone should do, till we get to the camera.

The Snapdragon processor gives the Android Lollipop and Sense 7 all the speed and power it requires. The M9 is quick and responsive with great connectivity.

The camera is still the weakest performance and selling point for this phone. It is the rear camera that lets HTC down.

Conclusion – still not matching reality to potential

The M9 looks great and generally performs well. It perhaps it did not improve on the M8 as much as it should have done.

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