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LG G Flex2 Review – What a Great Cellphone

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, LG debuted its brand new version of its popular G Flex smartphone, which is being called the G Flex2. This device features a full 1080p HD screen measuring five and a half inches as well as a processor that has been shown to be much faster than its predecessor.

There has naturally been a great deal of skepticism and criticism regarding mobile devices that have curved screens; however, the LG G Flex2 is helping to put those issues to rest permanently. As opposed to the original G Flex model, the newer version is slightly smaller, yet draws the eye much more. Furthermore, the curved design of the LG G Flex2 is designed to help bring the microphone closer to the user’s mouth to allow for better sound pickup.

Many individuals who have used the LG G Flex2 have stated that it feel like the devices mirrors the shapes of their faces whenever they held the device up to their ears much more than a traditional smartphone would do.

The device also possesses a shiny plastic cover, though this is what takes away from the premium feel of the LG G Flex2. This plastic cover is extremely interesting in the fact that it is completely resistant to scratches, which means it stands virtually no chance whatsoever of getting damaged. Even if there are minor incidents with scratching, LG guarantees that the scratches will disappear within ten seconds if the device is somewhere at room temperature. Furthermore, the screen of the LG G Flex2 is also much more durable (by approximately 20%) than the screen of the original model. This is all thanks to the fact that LG has developed a form of chemical treatment technology that is used for the screen.

The processor of the LG G Flex2 is a more powerful Quallcomm Snapdragon 810, which contains octa-core capable 64-but CPU systems. This allows for extremely quick operation as well as the enabling of features such as “Glance View,” which is used to display some of the following items simply by swiping down on the screen:

*Missed calls

*Recent messages

*Current time

Another interesting feature of the LG G Flex2 is referred to as the “Glance Shot,” which enables the user to take a selfie simply by showing the palm of their hand to the front-facing camera then closing their fist. This is a feature that also works if the user decides to utilize one of the popular “selfie sticks.”

In terms of the camera itself, the LG G Flex2 contains the same type of laser-focus camera that is part of the original G Flex model. This technology involves measuring the exact distance between the subject and the camera itself, using a laser beam to make any necessary adjustments to settings involving lighting and colors.

The device can also benefit from a feature known as “Fast Charge,” which charges the 3,000mAh battery by up to 50% in just under 40 minutes.

LG has essentially taken the best features of the original G Flex model and put them into the G Flex2. The end result is an amazing device that is much more improved than its predecessor. This mobile device will be available at the end of this month in some countries, with others following suit shortly after

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