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The New Nexus 6 Reviewed – See more

When the new Nexus 6 was released by Google the staff wanted people to think of this device as not a mobile phone but a device that has internet access. Many people use their cell phone for more than just calling. They use them to go online.


The Nexus 6 has a 5.96 inch display screen and is 83mm wide. This phone is made by Motorola and follows the curved design of the Moto X. The phone is larger but for some it may be too large. The cellphone weights 186g which a person may find to be a little heavy.

 Sound and Display

The screen has a resolution of 2560 X 1440 which makes the colors appear to be more vivid and brighter. The phone also has improved speakers to make music sound better when you are using your jogging stroller with the kids on a sunday afternoon. The speakerphone option is also improved.

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 Performance and Software

There is no MicrsoSD slot but the battery will last throughout the day. There is also a wireless turbo charger that will charge the phone 60 percent within 30 minutes.

The Qualcomm chop uses the new Android Lollipop operating system. This is the first phone to officially offer this system. There are also a serious of interesting animations, easy to access setting, wifi connection, and new colors. There is no silent mode for the phone but a vibration system that is rather loud.


The camera is 13mp and has a 4k video. The system is a little disappointing but takes good pictures in the right lighting. The overall quality will not disappoint the user. There is a 2mp camera on the front of the phone so a person can take selfies.


The Nexus is a good device at a reasonable price. Motorola is working hard to make this technology available to most people. There are some great new features and the operating system has been improved. The Nexus 6 has a rather expensive headset by is very impressive in size and features. The phone may be a little on the large size but there are enough extra features to impress most people.

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