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Review Sony Xperia 4 Aqua

The Xperia 4 Aqua with a waterproof camera built in was launched as the next phone down from the Sony Z3.

A Classy Looking design

At first glance the Xperia 4 Aqua can be mistook for the Z3. That is testimony to the people at Sony wanting to make the mid price range phone look as classy as the flagship model. It is made from the same of glass but not metal. The plastic chosen looks almost metallic to avoid a cheap plastic look. Besides people that get hold of a Xperia 4 Aqua will not mind if other people believe that they have the Z3 instead.

The two types, the the Aqua and the Z3 are exactly the same size, really slim and light. In fact they are the tiniest fraction of a gram heavier than the iPhone S6. The Xperia 4 Aqua has a slightly smaller screen than the more expensive Z3, and the border around that screen is only marginally wider. It does weigh less than the Z3, in total it weighs a mere 136 grams.

Sony lowered the specs of the screen in order to make this model half the price of the Z3. Despite lacking the full HD the contrast, brightness, and clarity of the Aqua’s screen is on a par with other phones within the same price range. The picture quality is fine instead of brilliant but the phone has plenty of qualities to keep users more than happy.

Lower Spec camera

Essentially it is the same camera as in the Z3 but with less megapixels. In good light the difference is hardly noticed, yet it is far too obvious in poor light. On the plus side there are plenty of features to the camera and there is scope for many hours of fun working out what they do.

Slowed Down Processor

In theory the Snapdragon processor should be more than adequate, but that depends on what you use the phone for. For people that have to use it for business needs, or play games on it is too slow.

Limited Memory

The Android Lollipop system should be good, but 8 GB memory and too many unnecessary pre-installed apps mean that that only have 3 GB of memory to spare.


If you think the memory is bad then the battery life is the worst aspect of this phone. It is simply not powerful enough to keep the phone on over an average day of usage.

Conclusion – close but no cigar

The Xperia 4 Aqua had the potential to be a really good mid range phone. A small memory wasted with things Sony installing stuff that is not needed coupled with a terrible battery. One to avoid if you use a phone a great deal or if you want to actually put data, games, music or photos on it.


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