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Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone Review

Samsung announced the release of its new Galaxy S6 smartphone in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress during March 2015. The S6 caused a fair amount of interest although the show was more intrigued by the curved S6 the Edge.

New Design

Prior to the S6 all the phones within the S series had been largely made of plastic. In appearance it has far more in common with the Galaxy Alpha as its body is made of metal and glass instead of the plastic S phones. The absence of a plastic body ensures that the S6 and the Edge are the first Samsung models that look like premium priced phones.

The Samsung trademarks are all there. Yet despite the metal and glass build for the S6 it still lacks the appeal of an iPhone, HTC, or Xperia. Design wise then Samsung are heading in the right direction.

The S6 has an absolutely stunning 5.1 inch screen that shows what a high quality smartphone it is. For this model Samsung improved its AMOLED display so it became the Super AMOLED system. The picture quality is simply amazing, and could tempt people to obtain a S6 instead of any other kind of mobile. The sharp and dynamic display seems unbelievable the first time you witness it for yourself.

Improved Cameras and Android

The S6 has got a camera with enhanced specs and a whopping 16 megapixels for clear HD quality pictures. It has top of the range sensors so that photos taken at night and in poor or low light are good as well. The 5 megapixel camera in the front takes a mean selfie if you cannot resist the urge to take one.

The Android is the latest one too, the Google lollipop, Android 5.0.2, which makes using apps more of a joy and a whole lot of a chore. It comes as you would expect with an updated version of Touchwiz.

Boosted Processors

Quad-core processors might have been top notch for 2014 but that makes them so last year. Samsung put their own octa-core processor in the S6, and it is very fast. Even faster than the HTC One M9.

It has 3 GB RAM, and eventually there will be 28 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions available. One backward step was removing the slot for the micro-SD card.


The Galaxy S6 is the best Galaxy S smartphone thus far. Although some people will think that the Edge will be better. The processor is really fast, the screen is stunning, and it has the best Android. Removing the micro-SD card slot was a mistake and the batter could have a longer life. Over all it is an excellent phone.

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