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Smartphone Reviews – the Nexus 6

Smartphone may not be the best word to describe the Motorola built Nexus 6. It is as big as the majority of phablets on the market.

* Indeed at the launch of the Nexus 6 the Google staff presenting the details stated that people should think of it as more like a larger handset as opposed to being a smartphone or a mobile phone. in fact most mobile and smartphone users spend the bulk of their time on their respective devices playing games, watching films, or surfing the web. Every now again people sometimes use their phones to make and receive calls.

Sometimes you cannot spare both hands

* The Nexus 6 is certainly larger than most smartphones, it has more in common with phablets than it does with most mobile phones. Unless you have really big hands most people would have to hold it with both of theirs. If you need something substantial to hold on to then this could be your ideal phone.

* Conversely using it properly when you only have one hand free could become your party piece. It has a large 5.96 inch display, which makes it perfect for playing games or watching movies on. It is 83 mm wide mainly to make sure there is enough room for that screen. The brightness, clarity, and contrast on the screen are really good thanks to the AMOLED technology used for it.

* The sound system is pretty good too, improving the gaming or film watching experience, plus listening to your favourite tunes.

Quality Performer?

* As none of the previous Nexus models had used a micro-SD card slot the Nexus 6 was not fitted with one either. However it has a battery that can actually last the whole day or there about. That longer charged battery, or lack of it was something which let down the earlier phones of the Nexus range.

* Google decided to couple the Qualcomm processor with the new Lollipop Android making the Nexus 6 a really fast phone. It is also far simpler to use than any Samsung or HTC, it is just a shame they took the completely silent mode away.


* This was the only area of disappointment as the main camera is only effective in bright conditions. At 13 megapixels you want higher quality.

Conclusion – big performance from a big smartphone

Aside from the camera it is a big phone that generally gives a big performance, though it moves away from the concept that a Nexus should be cheaper. If you like big phones then you like this one. There is not enough in it though to persuade people that prefer small mobiles to get this one instead.

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